Wingsuit Design


Planform - the outline, or silhouette, of a design. The planform decides the total surface area of a suit, but is unrelated to the profile, thickness, and many other design aspects. Two wingsuits with similar planform can have dissimilar characteristics, and may perform, feel, and fly, totally different.

Profile - the shape of the airfoil, determined largely by the internal ribs and the leading edge construction.

Thickness - the distance from the top surface to the bottom surface, at a rib.

Camber - the measured asymmetry between the curves of the top and bottom surfaces. Nearly all wingsuit designs feature cambered profiles.

Chord - The distance from the leading edge to the trailing edge, measured along a rib.

Span - the distance from wingtip to wingtip

Inlets - where air enters to inflate the profile

Bottom surface - the front of the suit, which is the bottom while in normal flight.

Top surface - the back of the suit, which is the top while in normal flight.

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