USPA Skydivers Information Manual:

(1) Non-elliptical, docile main canopies with consistent opening characteristics, with a wing loading of not more than 1.3, and having a bridle length of at least six feet from pin to pilot chute are strongly recommended for First Flight Course (FFC) jumps.
(2) Students should be familiar with any canopy used on FFC jumps.

Pilot Chutes

USPA Skydivers Information Manual:

(1) Wingsuits create a large burble above and to the back of a skydiver, and may not provide the pilot chute enough air for a clean inflation and extraction of the deployment bag from the pack tray.
(2) Pilot chutes smaller than 24 inches are not recommended, due to wingsuiters’ slower fall rates, which may result in reduced snatch force.
(3) If wingsuiting becomes the student’s primary skydiving activity, bridle length should be increased as the wingsuiter moves into larger suits that create larger burbles.
(4) The bottom-of-container throw-out pilot chute is the only deployment system that should be used for wingsuit skydiving.
(5) It is recommended that a pilot chute handle that is as light as possible be used on the main pilot chute.

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