A checklist is a type of informational job aid used to reduce failure by compensating for potential limits of human memory and attention. It helps to ensure consistency and completeness in carrying out a task. They are commonly used in life critical tasks such as surgery and aviation to help reduce human error.

Wingsuit BASE Checklist


  • Brake line routed through slider and ring
  • Both left and right brakes set to the same setting
  • Both left and right brakes set to shallow brake setting
  • Pre-tension brake lines
  • Slider up
  • Slidergate set (if used)
  • Tailgate set (if used)
  • Slidergate/tailgate rubber band in good condition
  • Primary stow wrapped 1-3 times (preference)
  • Pilot chute packed just before exit, to prevent "memory"
  • 3 rings assembled correctly
  • Lock the 3 rings if no chance of water landing (using slink, hardlink, squirrel riser cable)
  • Ensure both risers oriented the same way, and facing the correct direction, brakes to the back
  • Check white cutaway loop for wear greater than 10%
  • Check webbing that holds 3 rings for wear
  • Bridle velcro mated (if used)
  • Bridle routing from canopy to top pin
  • Bridle routing from top pin to bottom pin
  • Bridle routing from bottom pin to pilot chute
  • Pins oriented to avoid pinlocks (see: Watch Thy Bridle - Pin Orientation)
  • Pilot chute size and type appropriate for the jump
  • Pilot chute securely attached
  • Pilot chute load tapes are symmetrical
  • Count tools used in packing (X pullup cords, Y clamps, Z stakes)


  • Predetermined line of flight
  • Known checkpoints
  • Bail out points
  • Contingency plans
  • Landing zones
  • Weather conditions
  • Suit appropriate for the jump


  • Flight paths
  • Leader / follower
  • Relative positions
  • Wake turbulence (burble) management
    • On exit
    • In flight


  • Shoelaces
  • Wingsuit properly attached to rig
  • Leg straps, especially since they are hidden!
  • Main lift web cutaway handle secured
  • Main lift web not twisted
  • Chest strap buckle routed correctly
  • Chest strap tightened enough to prevent loading wingsuit seams
  • Helmet properly tightened and clipped
  • Shoe properly in wingsuit booty
  • Front zippers fully zipped to neck/foot
  • Arm zippers
  • Pockets/bellycam zippers closed
  • Zipper pull lanyards stowed (if used)
  • Camera on
  • Tailwing management
  • Weather conditions
  • Pilot chute practice touches
  • Breathe!
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