The Wingsuit Wiki is a place for wingsuit pilots to share information for the benefit of the sport.

Wingsuit flying is an amazing privilege, but is also very unforgiving. Anything we can to to improve knowledge and safety in the sport is worthy cause.


Who can contribute?


Additions, edits, cleanup and anything you consider to be an improvement is strongly encouraged. You do not need to register to view the site or even make edits.

You can sign up for http://www.wikidot.com if you want to have a record of your contributions. You can also edit anonymously, just like Wikipedia. The goal is to allow anyone to contribute freely.

Be Bold

Be bold can be explained in three words: "Go for it". The (Wingsuit) Wikipedia community encourages users to be bold when updating the encyclopedia. Wikis like ours develop faster when everybody helps to fix problems, correct grammar, add facts, make sure wording is accurate, etc. We would like everyone to be bold and help make (Wingsuit) Wikipedia a better encyclopedia.

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